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Corporate Training Services

Corporate Training Services

Employee Wellbeing Coaching Service

Employee Wellbeing Coaching Service

Psychology & Counselling

Psychology & Counselling



Family Therapy Services

Family Therapy Services

Cognitive Assessments (6-16 yrs old)

Cognitive Assessments (6-16 yrs old)

Health in Mind are by your side every step of the way
on your journey to better mental health

Just like the synapse connections in our brain, our Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Family Therapists and Counsellors work closely together under the same roof to form a strong network of support for individuals, couples and families.

You’re in good hands

Through the combined expertise of our experienced clinicians we can help you with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, adolescent mental health, parent-adolescent conflict, domestic violence, self-harm, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse and most other clinical conditions.

An inclusive service for all, always

We are an LGBTQI+ friendly, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander friendly, people friendly practice. We are accommodating of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and identifications. If you have any specific concerns or barriers to accessing our services, please let us know and we will do our best to alleviate them.

Our Vision

To support individuals on their journey to better mental health through individualised, person centric, value based quality mental health care.

Our Purpose

To empower individuals to be self-directed to better manage their overall mental health journey to lead the best quality of life they can.

Our Values

We focus on the individual through providing high-quality value-based care.

We are authentic, true to our values and care for others.

We respect the rights, choices and views of all individuals.

We build trusting relationships to drive collaboration across all key stakeholders.

We will act in an honest, authentic and ethical way at all times.

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