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Dr Kavitha Lakshminarayanan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Ages: 5+

Dr Kavitha is an accomplished Psychiatrist with distinguished knowledge, experience and expertise in child and adolescent psychiatry in Western Australia.

Dr Kavitha is the Director of Psychiatry, Clinical Governance & Service Improvement at WA Country Health Services where she ensures high-level psychiatric care for children, young people and families presenting with severe and complex mental health issues.  

She is also the current Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the Fremantle Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) where she has been involved in for over eight years, providing mental health services to all regions of WA outside the metropolitan Perth across all age groups.  

Since 2013, Dr Kavitha has held senior and director-level roles for WA Child & Adolescent Health Services ensuring the provision of safe, high-quality mental health care and helping meet public mental health objectives for children and adolescents.

She is multiple award-winning being the recipient of the DLN Murthy Rao Award and the Silver Jubilee Award. 

In her role as Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Kavitha is passionate about empowering carers and individuals in their treatment journey.

Outside a clinical setting, she is involved in mentoring and coaching for senior psychiatrists to enrich their potential and contribute to greater psychiatric outcomes.

With more than 20 years’ experience in psychiatry, she is a highly sought-after Psychiatrist for both young people and adults.

Key interest areas
  • Complex child and adolescent mental health issues
  • Empowering carers and individuals in their treatment journey
  • Mentoring and coaching for senior psychiatrists

Meet the team

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